2) Bells Institute 1,83,000/-
3) Hunter 40,000/-
4) NIIT 75,000/-
5) Centum 21,500/-
6) Kush 21,000/-
7) Vinatage 10,000/-
8) Sanjay gandhi 3,500/-
9) Sanjauli 3,000/-
10) PTU Sanjauli 4,200/-
11) City Channel 11,000/-
12) Sankalp 7,000/-
13) Vijay Fourm 30,000/-
14) timber house DR. 5,000/-
15) Tumber University 3,200/-
16) Amway 1,800/-
17) Auckland 3,200/-
18) Jetking 1,000/-
19) shiv Printer 4,800/-
20) PTU Chotta Shimla 3,000/-
21) ANKUSh 3,700/-
22) Hotel Osheen 2,000/-


Sangla Valley

Sangla Valley :- Baspa valley ( also known as Sangla valley ) is one of the most beautiful valleys of Kinnaur. It starts from Karcham ( 1,899 meters ) where the Baspa river coming from the east joins the Satluj. The road for Baspa valley branches from the Hindustan Tibet road at the river junction and after turning south crosses the Satluj over a bridge to reach Karacham. The valley open up beyond Sangla and is full of wooded slopes as far as Chitkul ( 3,435 meters ). Chitkul is the last inhabited village in the valley surrounded by green fields and high mountain peaks. It is like a Fairyland. The quaint little houses, temples, gompas and the people of Baspa valley conjure up a perfect image of "Shangri-La"

The beautiful Sangla Valley has to be the highlight of your Himalayan camping holiday. A mere 30 Km from the Tibetan border, the Sangla Valley was closed to travellers until 1992 and even today is quite untouched by civilisation. Situated at an average height of 2700 m, Sangla Valley is a place where you can unwind in style as you wake up in your cosy Swiss style tents to the chirping of birds.

You can enjoy the breathtaking views of Himalayan peaks and snow covered mountains, go for a walk in a valley bursting with exotic fruits, flowers, birds, butterflies and Himalayan wildlife or walk to nearby villages of Batseri and Rakcham and meet the local inhabitants, the Kinnauris. At Banjara Camps you'll surely wish you could stay forever !


Tabo :- 3,050 metres ) It is 47 km. from Kaza. At the right of Spiti river, is an ancient village named Tabo, flanked on either side by lofty brown hills and sun burnt, is the seat of one of the most famous Buddhist monasteries - Sherlang, Duang, Chamba, Chibbo, Domlang Gompas, regarded by many as only next to the Thelong Gompa in Tibet. The 10th Century Tabo monastery houses more than 60 lamas. Large number of scriptures and pieces of art, wall paintings - 'Tankhas' and 'Stucco'. Tabo has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

At Banjara Camps shivers of delight await you. The camp is located at Tabo, where it sometimes actually feels that time stopped over a 1000 years ago. The Tabo Monastery or Gompa is centuries old and second in importance only to the Tholing Monastery in Tibet, in the entire Buddhist Himalayas. Amidst this barrenness, broken only by the sounds of mountain rivers crashing over the rocks, Banjara Camps is a welcome sight, with all the warmth and caring of home around a bonfire, music and chatter.

Duration: 4 Nights/5 Days
Exploring the Queen of Hills- Manali
Tour Starts: Ex Delhi / Chandigarh
Manali (3 Nights), Chandigarh (1 Night)

Day 1: Delhi to Manali
On arrival at Delhi Railway Station / Airport, arrival assistance by representative and arrival transfer from Delhi to Manali. O/ N Hotel

Day 2: Manali
Full day sightseeing of Manali Hadimba Temple, Manu Temple, Tibetan monastery and evening at explore the local market. O/N Hotel

Day 3: Manali
Excursion to Rohtang Pass. Situated at an altitude of 3979 mtrs above sea level and 51 kms outside Manali is the mighty Rohtang Pass - the gateway to Lahaul-Spiti valley. It affords a wide panoramic view of the mountains. Here one sees the majesty of the mountains at its height and splendor. At the top of the pass the air seems to glitter against the snow as you look down over herringboned ridges into the Lahaul valley. Evening at Leisure. O/N Hotel

Day 4:Manali to Chandigarh
After breakfast checkout from hotel and drive to Chandigarh. Chandigarh is the 1st planned modern city of India designed by the French architect Le Corbusier. The city was named after the mother goddess of power, Chandi, whose temple Chandimandir is a feature of the new city.  Evening free for shopping and own activities. O/N Hotel

Day 5: Chandigarh to Delhi

After breakfast checkout from hotel and drive to Delhi and drop at railway station / Airport drop.

 we pay deem attention to both of them and aim at promoting tourism which will be eco-hygienic, environmentally, culturally, traditionally and eco-friendly.

1. Restructuring of the Department of Horticulture.
2. Regarding emoluments, leave and other grievances of Horticulture Development Officers working on contract basis.
3. Regarding withholding of retirement dues of HPHS-I Officers.
4. Release of time scale & grant of step up to eligible HPHS-I Officers.
5. Filling up of vacant posts of Horticulture Development Officers for smooth functioning of the Department.
6. Providing telephone allowance to the HPHS-I officers.
7. Placement of Horticulture Officers.
8. Confirmation of HPHS-I officers pending since 1982.
9. Strengthening of Mobility at Directorate, District, Sub-Division and Block Level.
10. Providing mobility allowance to the HPHS-I officers.
11. Proper seating arrangement and other infrastructures in the field offices.
12. Training of HPHS-I officers.
13. On line networking of department.
14. Quota of HPHS-I officers for Himachal Administrative Services.
15. Posting of Horticulture Officers in ATMA Project.
16. Posting of Horticulture Officers in HP Marketing Board.
17. Posting of HDOs as BDOs on secondment basis on the analogy of Agriculture department.
18. Notification of R & P Rules for the post of Joint Director of Horticulture.
19. Farmer/Supervisory training centre at Directorate.
20. Creation of farmers Hostel-cum–Information centre at District headquarters.
21. Strengthening of MFC, Mahogbag & Palampur, Farmer Training Centers Kotkhai & Azadpur Mandi, Delhi.
22. Strengthening of Nursery Inspection and certification cell.
23. Streamlining the Fruit canning units of the department.
24. Bringing of vegetable cultivation under the preview of Horticulture department.
25. Any other with permission of the Chair.

Day 14: Halt at Baralachala to explore the area which is famous for small peaks and beautiful butterflies.

Day 15: Baralacha La - Darcha - Zingzingbar (4270 m). We travel 18 km via Surajtaal which is the source of River Bhaga decending along Bhaga through shortcuts and joining Chandra River to form the massive Chandra Bahaga river. The river goes to Pakistan.


Example Form

Ministry of Angels (Ch. 3)
Through the inspiring messages brought by angels, the Lord has given me some beautiful insights that I could never have learned by intensive
study. When God brought these exciting truths to me, he did not say, "See if you can tailor these to fit into your doctrinal concepts. See if you can fit
them into the position you have chosen." He doesn't even act like he knows of any positions! He just said, "This is what is going to happen!"
In the awesomeness of the presence of God's angels, I have often felt like Mary, who said, "May everything you said come true" (Luke 1:38 TLB).
When Paul said, "...There stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve" (Acts 27:23), he knew it would come to pass! In
the same way, I KNOW that these messages that have come from God’s heart are continually robbing hell of its future inhabitants.
These truths are vital and real! The mere presence of these magnificent angelic beings, who come right from the throne of God is so awesome I
could never criticize any person for falling flat on his face before one! I would not even criticize those few people in the Bible who had a desire to
worship them, even though they did not!
These angels have made simple, basic truths become alive and real to me! They have highlighted, and brought into focus, certain scriptures which
could never have been opened to me any other way. These are simple Bible principles that God has allowed me to view through his eyes, but I
certainly did not bypass the Bible in order to see them. God put them there a long time ago, but scales on our spiritual eyes have prevented us from
seeing them.
The Word of God has supported every truth these angelic beings have made real to me. After these glorious revelations, difficult truths become
simple! How could I have missed them all this time? They are so plain and so beautiful, and every one of these messages highlights the sacrifice of
Jesus, for the angels NEVER speak of God's eternal plan without mentioning his death. It's always in the message, somewhere, that beautiful,
complete sacrifice of Jesus!
I spent some time musing about these things. You can well understand that you cannot close the door to an overwhelming experience like this, take
it out of your mind and say, "Well, now, that's that! I got the message! I've had this experience, and now we will move on to the next phase!"
It is totally impossible! The awesomeness of the experience, and the overwhelming presence of God, are things I cannot put out of my mind even
when I close my eyes at night. Because of these angelic visits, there is a subconscious awareness of God, his presence, and his reality at all times.
One of the greatest things to me about these visitations has been the fact that they have let people know that God lives, and he hasn't forgotten
I do not know if I will ever have another angelic visit. However, these visits have had enough impact on my life that nothing on this earth, or even in
heaven, could take what this has done from my heart and my mind! God is preparing people, and in his preparation, he is readying us, I feel, for the
return of Christ! He is preparing us, liberating us from fears and bondages, and giving us power to be, and then power to do! God is on the move!
In spite of the fact that he wants us to keep our eyes on the message, and not on the messenger, we cannot ignore the messenger. A feeling of awe
surrounds me when I even think about God's goodness in bringing messages to his people by angelic beings.
As I look at an angel and hear him say that God cares about us, I realize it isn't just the angel who stands there. It is God himself who cares enough
to bring this message to our hearts.
At times there are things which sound a little humorous in the ministry of angels and the work they do, but there is always a tremendous feeling of
awe surrounding them because they come directly from the presence of God, and his glory comes with them.
If there had only been one visit, I would have been completely content because it is an experience of a lifetime. However, several weeks after the
original encounter, the angels visited me for the second time, reinforcing the original message given to me. It didn't even stop there, and about five
weeks later, just after I had gone to bed, I noticed a bluish glow coming from the staircase. I knew it was too dim to be the light for the staircase, so I
thought that possibly I had left a light on in one of the downstairs rooms. I got up, and started down to turn the light off.
I was halfway down the stairs when the light flipped on! Standing before me were two of the largest men I had ever seen in my life! I was shocked! I
wasn't exactly frightened, but there was such a radiation of divine power which comes from them dwelling in the brightness of God's presence, that I
could not stand up! My knees buckled and I started to fall! One of these huge beings reached out, took hold of me, and my strength returned!
He very simply told me he was the angel Gabriel! I was stunned! Could this be the same Gabriel I had read about in the Bible? The impacts of the
first visits were far less awesome than now, because here he stood, as clearly visible as any earthly man, and introduced himself as the angel
Gabriel! It is impossible to describe my feelings of awe and wonder! Then he introduced me to the second angel whose name was Chroni! Chroni?
That's a peculiar name. I never heard of that! Why not Mahalaleel, or Tubalcain, or Shadrach, Meshach or Abednego, Asyncritus, Phlegon,
Philologus, Sosipater, or Onesiphorus? I had never thought of all the angels having names, and as it turned out, all having different
I asked Gabriel, "Why are the two of you here?" He merely said that the Holy Spirit had sent them, and then Gabriel immediately began telling me
some beautiful truths.
Theologically, I knew that the Holy Spirit was everywhere at once, but it took on new meaning when he told me that the Holy Spirit constantly
monitors the whole earth and picks up signals from everywhere at once. He even hears a bird as it falls to the ground, wherever it is! He hears the
softest footsteps, and he cares! "The Lord is still in his holy temple; he still rules from heaven. He closely watches everything that happens here on
earth" (Psalm 11:4 TLB).


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